Rivista Scientifica Internazionale dell’Associazione Italiana di Dietetica e Nutrizione Clinica - Periodico quadrimestrale

In recent years the Mediterranean has emerged not only as a region of intertwined populations, economies and politics, but also of shared basic foods and dietetic patterns, which have been shown to improve life expectancy and reduce cancer incidence.

On such premises, this journal aims to publish original scientific articles on nutrition, nutrients and dietary practices related or traceable to the Mediterranean basin, their impact on health, metabolism and specific pathologies – in particular cancer and obesity – and the perspectives opened by their use in a wider clinical context and in the prevention of a vast array of significant pathologies. In this light, the journal will also host the proceedings of relevant congresses and shorter notices focused on the original character of the Mediterranean nutritional civilisation. In addition, this journal is intended as a platform of scientific debate and knowledge-sharing among students and clinical practitioners of the Mediterranean area, and between them and the broader scientific community, and last but not least as a tool for promoting and enhancing scientific bonds and shaping more comprehensive studies.


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